Our process

Zanon Private Label helps to build your, brand your way. We work with you to help put together the label you want with our experienced team.

Research and Development

For over 20 years, we have been committed to formulating healthy, high-quality gummy vitamins. We work closely with R&D teams, nutritional scientist and industry experts in order to offer innovative gummy vitamins that address a variety of nutritional needs for kids and adults. All of our products go through a detailed R&D process to ensure we exceed expectations, from sourcing the healthiest ingredients to bottling the finished product in our state-of-the-art facility.


Our products are rigorously tested to ensure all of our gummy vitamins meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, our formulas are tested to meet all certified safety, quality and regulatory requirements for complete health and nutritional support.

Quality Control

Quality control is embedded into every step of our process, from lab testing to final bottling. All of our products strictly adhere to CGMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and are verified to meet the highest quality standards.

Labeling and Packaging Design

We know how important it is to get your label and brand done right. We work with you to help create the label you want with our experienced design team, or you can simply apply your label to the products you require.

Bottling and Shipment

Our 20,000 square foot bottling facility allows us to efficiently and expertly bottle and package your finished gummy vitamin products. After your product is bottled, we then send your finalized gummy vitamin brand to the destination of your choice.

Customer Service

We are here for you and your brand every step of the way. Our team of gummy vitamin experts and consultants will provide you all the support and help you need to successfully build your brand. We are dedicated to providing you the best customer service along your entire brand journey.